Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Baby orangutan

The radiotherapy has had some side effects but none that can't be managed. For the first two weeks I felt completely normal. I then noticed that I was cloudy again in the mind and I was becoming uncoordinated and weak on my left hand side. This was similar to how I felt in the weeks following the surgery and it was due to the radiotherapy causing some swelling in my brain. My oncologist restarted me on a low dosage of steroids which has since taken the edge off the side effects.

The only other side effect that I'm aware of is the loss of most of the hair on top of my head. I was doing an okay job on my own of losing my hair in recent years, I didn't need any support on that front! The hair loss is just where the radio beams enter and exit my head. When the hair loss first started I could pull out clumps of hair at a time and the shower drain would be full of ginger locks. It has slowed down now. This morning when I got up Nikki said my new hair style made me look like a baby orangutan. Thankfully it is winter and so I've been hiding it most days under a new flat cap that I got when Rosco Clark and I went shopping.   

A fistful of ginger on the first day of hair loss

Baby orangutan style?

The solution

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