Sunday, 6 September 2015

Guest post: Barry Anderson

While I'm holed up in hospital I'll take this opportunity to publish another post from a guest contributor. 

Still recovering in hospital after almost three weeks
Vince Anderson and I have been friends since we were pimply 13-year olds in Bendigo. The following piece is from Vince's father Barry. I always knew Barry as a cricket-mad lovable larrikin and the man who mistook me for a girl when I had let my hair grow a bit too long in the unfortunate "undercut years", but I never suspected a talented and humorous sports journalist lurked just below the surface. Barry's claim of being a technophobe is now seriously in doubt as the Bendigo Advertiser newspaper formatting below is all his work. A big thank you to Barry for the huge effort he has put in to telling the story of Hawl and Chwith.

P.s. Huge congratulations also to Vince for passing the written component of the anaesthesia exam which took over his life for the last 12 months. Good luck for the oral component - I'm sure you will smash it as always!

By Barry Anderson

G'day Cameron.

I have sent this by email via Vince as I don't know how to "Blog" or even what "Blogging" is!

Vince forwarded me your Browny and the Brain, and your courage and sense of humour inspired me to send to you a narrative of my main medical issue over the past three years. I have blatantly copied your tennis analogy and I hope you will find it mildly amusing. Based on my own experiences, I agree with you that Oncologists do not have a great sense of humour. 

I would like to wish you well in your continued match against Glioblastoma and despite losing the first set I hope you win in three. 

All the best for the future,
Barry Anderson

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