Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Guest Post - Ross Clarke

My brother, how to tell you how much you mean to me as you slip away?

How to put words on the unthinkable, find some way to capture the pain, sorrow and loss.

I don’t have to. One look in your eyes says it all. Through our gazes I feel closer to you than ever before, I get the slightest sense of what you must be going through. And it makes my heart ache. More than it ever has before.

The day you called from the hospital when all this begun is etched in my memory forever. Seeing you the next day finding the humour in being paralysed on one half set the tone for how you would take on the worst life can throw at us.

And I remember you saying this happened to you because you were the one out of all of us who could cope with it best. Never was a truer word spoken my friend. Never were you angry, full of hurt or pity. You took it on as one of many challenges you’ve faced – with determination, grit and grace.

So despite it all, these past 18 or so months have been filled with joy, love and laugh with one liners and wise cracks that only you could think up. You’ve always been more concerned with how things impact on others rather than yourself. Through this you’ve taught us what counts in this fragile life. Thanks Cam.

I don’t know what comes next. But I know this – what we do in this life counts. When we fill our lives with love, purpose, commitment and wit (all very brownian qualities), it matters. It shapes whatever comes next, and what we leave behind.

And you sir have crammed more into your precious years than many do in a full life. Tennis prodigy, MBA graduate, social entrepreneur, environmental power house, the list goes on and on. And all done with vintage style and swagger, a brilliant soundtrack, way too much humility, and a razor wit.

All of that is pretty damn impressive. And I have to admit to more than a touch of jealousy at times. But it pales in comparison to who you are as a person – loving, kind, gentle and fun. A heart of gold. A great friend.

I cherish our time together whether it be in Melbourne, Sri Lanka or London. So many memories that will stay with me and fill some small part of the massive hole you’ll leave behind. And no one can take those from us: sharing some musical treats, frisbee in the park, the little moments when the magic happens.

The only way I can make sense of this all is to take every opportunity given to me, but taken from you, and fill it with as much Cam as possible. As a husband, I will love and support the way you do Nikki. As a father, I will love my kids more than ever knowing this is something you dearly wanted and had planned together. As a professional, I will make sure my work means something and serves a greater purpose.

And as a person, I will always strive to be as kind, gentle and comically gifted as you are my friend. I’ve started doing this already and it’s led me to follow my heart. So thanks Cam, giving right to the very end.

You are one of the special ones Cam, don’t ever forget that.

Go quietly and gently my brother. Be in peace knowing that you have a world of love for you here and you have lived a life rich in love, meaning and laughs.

See you on the other side my friend.

Love for always,



  1. Beautiful post and what a great message for us all: "The only way I can make sense of this all is to take every opportunity given to me, but taken from you, and fill it with as much Cam as possible."

  2. I wish I got to know you better whilst you worked here at EPA. RIP mate.